amaysim is Australia’s largest mobile virtual network operator who also offers energy services for households.

My time at amaysim has seen me design for a varied range of mediums; website, social media, photography, video/animation, print, app, digital and OOH advertising.

amaysim x ACN

Launching as ACN’s first provider to offer mobile pre-paid plans, this video was created to engage and excite the ACN network at their bi-annual conference. From script to storyboard, and then creation, the animated video was a success and received great feedback from the organisers of ACN.

2019 wrapped

After being given some data to showcase to the company, my task was to create a retrospective story for the year of 2019 in a visually engaging way, in just two days. Using the vibrant and bold colour palette, coupled with large typographic and infographic depictions of the data, I was able to create a morale-boosting and celebratory video for the company.

Hey Alexa

After partnering with Amazon on the release of their new smart hub, this video was shot and edited to show what skills Alexa could do. Shot entirely within the office (yep, that’s not a bedroom!), the team managed to create a short and informative video for customers to quickly absorb Alexa’s capabilities.

Subscription Energy

In response to the way the energy market in Australia was going, amaysim created a subscription energy product to combat the issues of bill shock. With a foundation of mobile, this video was created to help explain how the product worked, using mobile plan terminology to get the points across.


After finding that many customers were using the self-help guides on the amaysim website, a series of How-to videos were made for the most popular help articles. In line with the photography style that amaysim had at the time, coupled with video and animation, these videos allowed customers to find help in a more visual way.